Have you ever read something and thought to yourself, did the writer even read this before they published it?

No matter how great a speller or writer, we all need a fresh set of eyes to look over our documents to find the errors we have missed. A professional editor will go through your document letter-by-letter and word-by-word to ensure that your writing is error-free and succinct.

A pressed metal sign with the word communication burnt into itSpell checker

While your spell checker may be great for picking up simple errors, depending on its settings your spelling could be aimed at an American audience rather than an Australian one. Spell checkers also miss some of our quirky English words which sound the same but have completely different meanings – weather/whether, two/too, etc.

A great editor will ensure that your spelling is correct, consistent and targeted to your audience.


If you are writing for an audience (Facebook, marketing materials, business documents, corporate documents, even your blog) you want your audience to know that you are a credible source; and nothing will ruin your credibility faster than poor spelling and grammar. People may forgive the odd typo but if your writing is riddled with errors your audience will turn-off and seek someone else’s advice.

Another positive to using an editor is that when you are writing you can let your creativity flow without having to second-guess your spelling and grammar as you know that you will be paying someone to worry about that for you.  In the end, a small investment in an editor could save you time and money.