Chatbot writing and training

When a user interacts with a chatbot they want their information quickly and efficiently.

Writing chatbot content is an entirely different skill to long-form writing. You need to provide the maximum amount of information in the least amount of words.

I not only write chatbot copy, I train content writers in chatbot best practice (writing, confidence scores, accessibility) and user analytics. 

Call me today to discuss how I can tailor a training session for your content writers.

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Conversational copy

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I’m a specialist conversational UI writer. This means I write the scripts used by chatbots to interact with customers. I also write the microcopy that directs a user through a website or app. 

Plus, I train content writers in chatbot writing best practice.

I have worked on government and tertiary chatbots and pilot projects ensuring all content adhered to the chatbots “personality”, was WCAG accessible, and conformed to department style guides. Once a chatbot has been developed I have also trained content writers to ensure they follow chatbot best practice. Understand how to analyse user analytics and identify content gaps.