One of the best parts of my business is the diversity of projects I work on. I can go from editing a PhD thesis to creating content for a funky hair salon.

Sometimes I get to work on some really great projects and over the next few works I am working with an Australian university to create content for its new chatbot. This is a great project as the client is very easy to work with, they gave me clear guidelines about the tone and length of answers, as well as the “personality” of their chatbot.Cartoon woman standing up with a pink headset on. She is wearing a black skirt and top with a grey vest.

Have you ever used a chatbot before? Anything you liked/didn’t like? I think one of the key successors (from a content perspective, because the technical side is not my forte) is creating succinct content. If you are using a chatbot you want your question answered quickly and the reply to be brief but not boring.

So now that I am working on this project I am more aware of the rise of chatbots and their role in customer service. One day I may even get technical enough to use one on my own site.