Sherlock has Dr Watson, Batman has Robin, and Wallace has Gromit. We all need a sidekick, someone to bounce ideas off, talk to when things are good or bad. Someone to make us feel better about ourselves.

As a freelance content writer and editor I work from home, which, while having lots of other benefits, can be pretty isolating and is why I talk the ears off other parents when I see them at school pick up!

So I don’t look like a crazy person, I am fond of talking to my sidekick, Copydog.

If you follow me on Twitter you will see that he pops up in my tweets quite regularly. I discuss writing projects, talk about a tricky line I don’t think it working, or just read my copy out loud to him. He is very good at not interrupting.

Besides being a great listener Copydog is also very good at reminding me that I shouldn’t spend all day in front of the computer and regularly encourages me to get out of my office, usually just to feed him, but occasionally he likes a good walk too.

If you are busy working away on a writing project, be it a novel, thesis or marketing content it is important to remember that there is a world away from your computer and your deadlines. We all need to get out of our chairs, stretch, eat and go for a walk, even if only around the block.

So, you could subscribe to the Pomodoro working technique or you could get yourself a pet. Copydog’s regular reminders to move are saving me a fortune in physio bills. If only I could teach him to empty the dishwasher!