Corporate editing

Your document has been written and feedback gained from your stakeholders. Now you need an external pair of eyes to check your document for consistency in spelling and terminology, grammar and formatting. This is where a corporate editor comes in to make sure that your message is clear and succinct.

Whether you are a government department, small to medium business or a solo trader, your goals are the same. In today’s information age your audience is bombarded with content, my job is to help you make sure your message gets through all the chatter.

How I can help you

I can work with your in-house style manual or the Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers to ensure your document is ready for publication. In addition, I will work with a contact within your team to organise the project deliverables.


    As your second pair of eyes I will go through your document checking:

    • – spelling and grammar
    • – syntax, tense and sentence structure
    • – vocabulary and jargon
    • – repetition and ambiguity
    • – formatting and layout