You’re near the end of writing your thesis and are tempted to throw the whole thing in the bin. You’ve spent years working on your project and are so close to your submission date that you can feel it. This is where an experienced thesis editor can help you.

As a thesis editor, I follow the IPEd (Institute of Professional Editors) guidelines developed in conjunction with the Deans of Australian Universities. I will work with you, editing your thesis ready for examination.

How I help get your thesis ready for examination

I edit your thesis looking at:

  • consistency and completeness
  • clarity
  • grammar and usage
  • spelling and punctuation
  • illustrations and tables.

I also ensure you are applying the rules of your referencing style (Harvard, APA etc.) correctly and consistently, and check consistency in formatting e.g.:

  • page breaks between chapters
  • correct use of Roman and Arabic numerals for page numbers
  • consistent use of font and font size
  • use of the ‘Styles’ feature in Word for headings and titles
  • consistent use of single and double quotation marks, and
  • create a Table of Contents if required.

I specialise in working with ESL candidates and have over 18 years’ editing experience. I am a certified TEFL–TESOL teacher so I have experience teaching students the fundamentals of the English language.

Universities I work with

Your thesis is the culmination of years of hard work so you want to submit your best work. Edge Editing is listed as a preferred proofreader with the University of Sydney (having undertaken a test to ensure the possession of advanced academic editing skills), the University of Melbourne, Australian National University, and Monash University.

I do not outsource work to a third party. All work is undertaken by myself so you can be assured that the person you are communicating with is the person completing the work. If I am booked out I can provide you with the names of other editors I pass work on to during peak periods.

Get in touch

Contact me today to discuss your thesis topic, referencing style and any other university requirements.