Below is information to assist you to improve your writing and enhance your knowledge of grammar, as well as how to proofread, and a list of common errors I find when editing theses.

How to Improve your Proofreading

A second pair of eyes is always good for picking up errors, however, sometimes you need to do it yourself, this page lists eight points detailing how to proofread and proofreading tips.

Basic Grammar Guide

Created especially for people who missed out on learning the fundamentals of grammar at school, or for people who need a quick reminder. This page provides a basic grammar guide, while this page provides information on apostrophes.


When and where to use capitals can cause confusion, especially when referring to government terms. This page provides a quick guide on the appropriate use of capitals when referring to terms associated with the government.

Common Errors in Theses

This page provides a guide to the common errors I find when editing theses.