Great copy that converts should be engaging, compelling, and aimed at your target market.

As a copywriter, I have worked within a variety of industries to provide engaging content for websites, EDMs, catalogues, social media, and marketing and communications materials.

How I have helped other businesses

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A copywriter can save you time and money

As an experience copywriter I have worked on a variety of projects including:

  • writing the content for alumni newsletters for a not-for-profit science program
  • creating marketing materials for a science program aimed at both teachers and  students
  • writing the content for children’s science toy catalogues, organising models, photography, graphic design, printing, and mail distribution
  • writing and sourcing content for a science website aimed at 10 to 16-year-olds
  • developing marketing materials to increase participation at risk and insurance courses and seminars
  • developed and sourced content aimed at scientists, farmers, and growers.

I have over 20 years’ experience creating content for diverse audiences including school students, university students, parents, general consumers (B2C), and other businesses (B2B).

Details about past copywriting projects and clients can be found on my portfolio page.

Current projects

Currently I am working with a business start up to develop their website content, social media presence and blog. Part of this brief is also creating a digital marketing strategy to increase awareness and social media interactions. Part of any digital marketing strategy is identifying which social media channels are best for a particular type of business, monitoring keywords and groups, and developing a content strategy to engage with key influencers and potential customers.

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