Every writer needs a sidekick

Sherlock has Dr Watson, Batman has Robin, and Wallace has Gromit. We all need a sidekick, someone to bounce ideas off, talk to when things are good or bad.

Exciting new project: chatbot content

Sometimes I get to work on some really great projects and over the next few works I am working with an Australian university to create content for its new chatbot.

My referencing secret weapon

When I was at university I hated referencing. Where does the comma go? Why is a full stop here? And really who cares whether the book title or journal article title is italised? Now that I am an editor, I care.

Why you need an editor

Have you ever read something and thought to yourself, did the writer even read this before they published it? No matter how great a speller or writer, we all need a fresh set of eyes to look over our documents to find the errors we have missed.

Common errors in theses

This page provides a guide to the common errors I find when editing theses.


Verbs are the most important part of a sentence and are used to express an action or state of being.

How to improve your proofreading

A second pair of eyes is always good for picking up errors, however, sometimes you need to do it yourself, this page lists eight points detailing how to proofread and proofreading tips.

Basic grammar guide

This post was created especially for people who missed out on learning the fundamentals of grammar at school, or for people who need a quick reminder.


When and where to use capitals can cause confusion, especially when referring to government terms. This page provides a quick guide on the appropriate use of capitals when referring to terms associated with the government.